The NSW NPL3 Men’s Club Championship results reflect how well our NPL3 Teams perform as a whole over the course of the season.  Points are awarded depending on team results by age group – one times the usual points for an Under 18’s match, two times the usual points for an Under 20’s match and four times the usual points for a First Grade match.  The Club Championship points are applied in determining eligibilty for promotion and relegation by FNSW.

Club Played Points
St George City FA 75 393
Gladesville Ryde Magic FC 75 359
Hawkesbury City SC 75 349
Sydney University SFC 75 323
SD Raiders FC 75 309
Dunbar Rovers FC 75 301
Bankstown City FC 75 292
Camden Tigers FC 75 252
Dulwich Hill FC 75 211
Inter Lions SC 75 166
Granville Rage 75 160
Stanmore Hawks FC 75 138
Western NSW Mariners FC 75 125
Fraser Park FC 75 105